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A Tyre For Every Occasion

The stable of brands which Value Tyres represents comprises one of the most extensive size range and application available on the New Zealand market. Our extensive product range ensures the chances of having your tyre requirements met by VTL are exceptionally high. Listed below are the new tyre brands and where they sit by ranking. Because not every user is the same and has differing requirements these brands cater for the diversity of the segments within the market place.


A premium quality product with an extensive range at exceptional prices. OE approved standard used by major car manufactures such as Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche  to name a few. 




Laufenn ensures an exceptional driving experience through optimised performance over a wide range of conditions. Manufactured by Hankook, Laufenn tyres are backed by world renowned research and development to offer a superior mid-range tyre



Hankook manufactured quality range product produced in China with the backing of enormous research and development.




An extensive budget range product with a good price performance ratio. Complete  with a light and heavy truck range delivering excellent mileage. 



Windforce Tyres are a Chinese high quality brand which have proven to be popular both domestically and internationally in the Tyre Market. All tyres are produced under first class equipment and strict quality management systems to ensure a great quality product. 


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